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/* Userscript to add a QR code display option to toolbar
/* Generates a QR code image using the current Wikipedia page URL.
/* Demo version so use at your own risk!
/* Initial failure to display in the Toolbox may be due to:
/* . needing to purge the page cache
/* . or you may be on a page without "What links here"
/* . the order of javascript changes might stop the link being added. If you 
/*   have 'addOnloadHook', it may need to run there rather than earlier.
/* Link:æ/QRcode.js
/* More info on QR codes:
/* Created: 2 Feb 2011 

// Set up toolbox basics
var tid="t-qrcode",
 ttxt="QR code",
 thref=''+5+'&d='+location.href; /* parameters: s=size, d=url */

// Create link
var tul=document.getElementById("t-whatlinkshere"),ta=document.createElement("a"),tli=document.createElement("li");