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Tips for security on Wikipedia
  1. Wikipedia is a public space, do not disclose information that you do not want re-posted publicly elsewhere, can never be deleted and could be analysed and used by future employers, friends, criminals and commercial spammers.
  2. Use a strong unique password that is not connected to your real-life. Wikipedia can take long passwords (my longest has been 50 characters) so consider phrases you find memorable (but few others would) rather than just short keywords.
  • If you link to an email account, make sure your email account also uses a strong password.
  • If your browser remembers passwords for you, make sure you have a strong master password.
  • If you use a public connection try using the secure server and consider creating an alternate account (see WP:SOCKS#LEGIT).
  • For more information and tips see Privacy.

My contributions to Wikipedia are under the name "Fæ" and I am the operator for Commons fair use upload bot.

My past accounts include "Ash" (23,897 total edits, last edit 5-Jul-2010) and "Speedo" (1,116 total edits, last edit 4-Sep-2010). I have used the marked doppelgänger accounts "Fae" (3 total edits, all edits made 5-Jun-2010), "Faelig" (22 total edits, last edit 3-Aug-2011), "Faes" (3 total edits, last edit 28-May-2010), and the intended bot account "Faebot" (3 total edits, last edit 26-Aug-2011).

I have held 7 other past accounts declared to Arbcom. These accounts have made a joint total of 149 edits and none has been used since 4-Sep-2010 (9 years, 2 months and 23 days ago).

Committed identity: 39cdbf35760904346ea3d088b00526ce0c75d6a85022cb3d171fcf9cb32e719624e7b396ed4a369d560f4d7c5c53416ccdd1ae503fa4eb83ef2c362a29962eb8 is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.