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About Me[edit]

(Looking through my list of contributions, It's interesting to realise that anyone that knows me could pretty easily deduce who I am, but I'm going to stick to reasonable anonymity) I'm British but of Czech descent, and work in the computer industry, specifically multimedia programming. I'm particularly interested in science and mathematics, especially (from a philosophical point of view) evolutionary theory and artificial intelligence. In the past I've also been an actor. I've been a WP lurker for a while but only recently started contributing. So far I'm mostly just dipping in, finding articles that interest me and editing a line here or there.

Why FSharpMajor?[edit]

No big reason, I just like the name. I play the piano (badly) and enjoy music of all kinds. I've used the name for a while - it's also my username on You'll also often find me on forums under the name Hobnob.