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The following is a list of players who played for Man City, complete with years played, but whos' full names are unknown. As and when data becomes available, I'll add their full names:

Name First game Last game Notes
A. Bennett 1893 1894
D. Coup 1909 1910 Joyce spells him Coupe
Cumming 1913 ? James Ferguson Cumming b Alexandria Scotland 1890 (Joyce p.66) see also [1]
Davies 1895 1896 both this one and the one below appear to be Joseph Davies b Chirk Wales 1870-1943 (redlinked as Joe Davies (footballer born 1870) in List of Wales international footballers), who also played for Ardwick in the 1892/3 and 93/4 seasons
Davies 1900 1901 see above
R. Dearden 1902 1906
J. Dennison 1903 1904
J. Eden 1911 1912
S. Eyres 1906 1907
H. Foster 1896 1898 H.A. Foster (Joyce p93)
J. Hargreaves 1893 1894
A. Jones 1893 1894 b Llandudno (Joyce p141), Joyce doesn't give a name, but says he played for Small Heath, which makes him the Arnold Jones mentioned with ref in brother's article Fred Jones (footballer born 1867)
McCabe 1895 1896 A. (Joyce p163)
A. McDowell 1893 1894
McMahon 1905 1906 Johnny McMahon 109 apps all comps per mcfcstats and as such should be on the MCFC player list :-) my mistake: he is on that list Struway2 (talk) 13:21, 17 May 2010 (UTC)
Miller 1895 1896 this would be John MillAr see mcfcstats
J. Moffatt 1896 1897 only Moffatt listed in those years is Bobby Moffatt
J. Platt 1896 1897 J.W. (Joyce p209)
D. Robertson 1893 1894
L. Robinson 1896 1897 L.G. (Joyce p225)
H. Saddington 1893 1894
S. Smith 1897 1899 no S Smith listed; could it be William "Stockport" Smith
J. Stenson 1893 1894 James Stenson
Tompkinson 1894 1895 Harry see mcfcstats
Tonge 1896 1897 James see mcfcstats, same bloke as below
Tonge 1899 1900 as above
Webb 1912 1913 George William see mcfcstats