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Title Author Synopsis
Welcome to the Club R. L. Stine JJ, who works at a restaurant managed by Florian, meets with a group of kids who tell him that in order to join their club he has to kill someone. After JJ meets with them again and says he killed Florian, they inform him that they were joking.
She's Different Tonight Heather Graham On Halloween night, Vince Romero, a werewolf, tries to seduce Ivanna Romanoff, a girl he stalks. Following his transformation, Romanoff sinks her fangs into Romero's flesh and begins to drain away his blood.
Suckers Suzanne Weyn Humans on the planet Lectus disappear and a strange light appears in the sky. After John Biggs Boreidae volunteers to go to the mysterious light, he himself disappears.
The Perfects Jennifer Allison During her babysitting job, Hannah hears someone call her name and goes to investigate. This leads Hannah to a tiny room behind a mirror, where she finds a baby monitor with a video screen showing a baby girl in an animal cage. After finding the cage that the baby was located in, she topples into the cage and is trapped inside.
Shadow Children Heather Brewer
The Poison Ring Peg Kehret
Dragonfly Eyes Alane Ferguson
Jeepers Peepers Ryan Brown
Piney Power F. Paul Wilson
The Night Hunter Meg Cabot
Tuition Walter Sorrells
Tagger James Rollins
Ray Gun Tim Maleeny