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Flameviper's Userspace
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Hello. I'm Flameviper. Here is a list of all my major cleanups and articles.


In total, I've made many major article contributions. This includes

3 article creations
11 cleanups
User:Flameviper/edits/category categorizations
2 projects
1 template
4 images
Which amounts to a total of
50 major contributions.

Created (2)

  1. Snapalope
  2. Burr wood
  3. Five Themes of Geography

Cleanup (11)

  1. Fly-killing device (formerly Fly catcher)
  2. Intramural softball
  3. Game sweatshop
  4. Inverted Neck Break
  5. Lyndis
  6. Magnetic weapon
  7. Conductivity factor
  8. Culture speculation
  9. DAG Technology
  10. DBrn
  11. DDObjects

Categorized (User:Flameviper/edits/category)

I have categorized a lot of articles. So many, in fact, that the list takes up its own page, located here.

In total, I have added categories to User:Flameviper/edits/category articles.

Project (2)

  1. Wikipedia:Adopt-a-user, including all templates and categories.
  2. Wikipedia:Monobook, although it has been heavily improved on by others.

Templates (1)

  1. {{Cleaned}}

Images (4)

  1. Image:Olde.jpg, a generic sword and shield
  2. Image:Face-of-evil.JPG, my old History textbook
  3. Image:Demolition Squid.PNG, which required no creative skill whatsoever.
  4. Image:Burr wood.PNG, a picture of burr wood.


  • I helped resolve the debate on Talk:Titin.
  • I devised a new version of the IP edit text that alerts anonymous users to their IP address and talk page.


Check my contributions or look at my edit count.

Or alternately, you can look at the edit counts for any of my other accounts: