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Intramural Softball (also known as Pick-up Softball) is a variation of softball played by college students and is designed as not to require superior practice or skill. The rules are more relaxed than regular softball rules as to allow for a noncompetitive environment.

Differences between regular softball and intramural softball[edit]

There are commonly 10 players on the field at once (9 fielders and one pitcher). The reason for this surplus is that although there are 9 players on the field from each team, the pitcher pitches to his or her own team (unlike regular baseball or softball). Therefore, the pitcher would not want to make a play as to force his or her own teammate to become out. The pitcher must throw all pitches underhand. Every pitch is considered a strike, regardless of whether it crosses the strike zone or not. This keeps the game from slowing down due to balls, and also compensates for the ease of hitting (due to the teammate pitcher). The extra fielder that the defensive team gains is commonly referred to as the "rover." The rover's job is to position him or herself between the infield and the outfield to catch all of the "blooper hits."

Rules and Regulations[edit]

  • The field of play has no exact dimensions. The field is as large as the available space.
  • Games are cancelled by weather only if it is raining or there is thunder and lightning at the time of the game's start.
  • Teams that have 6 players or less must forfeit the game.
  • No team may play more than 9 players on the field, but 10 players are allowed to bat.
  • All hit balls do not have to travel a certain distance, but the batter must have a full swing. A continuous performance of a "swinging bunt" may result in an automatic out. This means that bunting is not allowed.
  • Once the ball is returned to the pitcher after a hit, no runner may advance.
  • If a throw to the infield goes over the edge of the playing area, all players on base will advance one base freely.
  • In the event of a tie, the winner of the game is the next person to score.
  • If a batted ball hits a pitcher, the batter is out.

All other rules of competitive softball apply.


  • Each team may or may not have uniforms, in which case it is legal to play in street clothes.
  • Athletic cleats are discouraged and/or banned, as most players will not have them and sliding into others could result in injury.
  • Gloves: Sometimes, not every player will have a glove. Teams must share gloves if necessary.
  • Playoffs: All players capable of growing facial hair let their hair grow freely. They then shave fantastic patterns such as "chops", "handlebars" and "zebra stripes".
  • The above rules and traditions may not necessarily be the same at all colleges. These are simply the ones found at Dartmouth College Intramural Sports.