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Folk Life
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Goal of User[edit]

The goal of the "Folk Life" user is to improve the quality and quantity of references to the more obscure, vernacular forms of "folk life" on Wikipedia. The particular focus will be on traditional American and "roots"—such as Irish, Scottish, English (such as ballads), African, and Native American influences on the "broader American culture" that results from the rich interaction of cultures. There are other influences, such as German (Americans have more German blood than any other ethnic/national group) or French, but those are "majority" cultures and other Wikipedians may choose to document those. The "vernacular" aspects of culture may exist in isolated pockets today, although they may have been more prevalent in past eras, but they continue to offer a rich fabric of creative endeavors.

Creative Aspects of Folk Life in America[edit]

The creative aspects of the traditional American folk life include folklore, storytelling, music, dance, traditional trade and craft, art, and games. Broader expressions include architecture, horticulture, and cuisine.

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