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I was born in 1964 in Granada, Spain. I lived there until I was 10, and then moved to Seville, a thriving, exciting city, where I have lived since. I can speak Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, English, and Latin and am a fan of soccer and bullfighting. I am a devout Roman Catholic, although I respect other denominations of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.


I want to improve Wikipedia in several fields. Wikipedia has given a lot to me, and I want to repay it. To do this, I will spend several hours each day working on Wikipedia projects. Wish me luck!


I have recently found out that I have several different blood types in me. My ancestors long ago were Roman immigrants to Hispania, who settled in Corduba (Córdoba). They were followers of an ancient Roman religion. Most of my blood is Muslim, however; some of my ancestors immigrated to Spain from Egypt during the rule of the Moors, settled in Córdoba like my Roman ancestors, and intermarried with them. They fled southward to Granada somewhere around 1236 to flee the Christians who reconquered Córdoba. Somewhere around (it is hard to tell the exact years) 1492, the Christians reconquered Granada, and my family stayed Muslim for a while, before eventually converting to Christianity. I am happy to say that I am a Catholic, but I respect my Muslim and pagan heritage as well.

You may be wondering how I know this. Well, it was an awkward incident...perosnal. I don't want to write about it here.

Current Event[edit]

Protest against the Muhammad catoons published by Denmark!