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Hi there! My on-line alter-ego, the illustrious, venerable, indomitable and flamboyant FromageTheDog and I share various interests, maintaining a web presence on a number of forums related to these interests. We've edited a few Wikipedia articles, though never in any large-scale fashion. We've authored (started, really) one article to date, describing the anime series Gasaraki.


Subaru WRX[edit]

We are very fascinated by the Subaru WRX, the almighty turbocharged AWD sedan, with which we enjoy making idiots of the clueless in their various Audis, Mustangs and Boxsters. Interesting places to be when under the spell of this wonderful machine:


Japanese cartoons. Japanese heritage probably plays no small part in our love for this medium of entertainment.

General Aviation[edit]

In fact we do fly planes: the little, tiny ones, like the Cessna 152 and 172, for which we are officially "checked out". We've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to fly bigger things, like the Beechcraft Bonanza and Cessna 182.

  • AVweb the internet's aviation magazine and news service


No, not these apples, but Apple Computer. The best hardware, coupled with the best software, bar none. Before Mac OS X version 10.2 (Jaguar), this was decidedly not the case. We maintain that all Apple operating systems before this version were unmitigated crap. The graphical user interface was nice, but that's about it.

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