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If you see something wrong with this user page, or if something seems to be missing, feel free to fix it. If anything I do pisses you off, please assume good faith, and just let me know what the problem is so that I can avoid it in the future. If you think I’m a horrible person or a wonderful person, feel free to edit this page and state it as fact.

On Wikipedia, I mostly correct basic English mistakes that I see, and clean up things that seem like they need cleaning up. Lately, I’ve also taken to using “thank” links in Talk page edit histories kinda like a Like button. So if you got a notification thanking you for some Talk comment, that’s just because I liked it.

Outside of Wikipedia, I can be contacted at or by any of these methods. My personal website is as

My user name[edit]

Frungi (English pronunciation: /ˈfrənʤi/—rhymes with bungee) originated as an accidental misspelling of Frungy, the name of a fictional “sport of kings” referenced in the Star Control video games. I first used it as a screenname when I began playing StarCraft online, thanks to my best friend who was fairly obsessed with Star Control II at the time, and now I use the name Internet-wide.