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The Daily Dot
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Web address
Slogan The Hometown Newspaper of the World Wide Web
Launched 2011
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The Daily Dot is an online newspaper that covers Internet topics and eSports. It aims to be the "hometown newspaper" of the Internet.[1][2] It has a 25-member editorial staff.[3] The CEO is Nicholas White.[4]

The newspaper was funded with an initial investment of approximately $600,000[5] and launched publicly on August 23, 2011.[6] It publishes around 50 articles a day.[7]

In 2014, The Daily Dot acquired The Kernel, which was founded by Milo Yiannopoulos.[8]

Notable staff and writers[edit]

Current editors and contributors to this publication include Nicholas White, Austin Powell, Molly McHugh, Cooper Fleishman, Aja Romano, Richard Lewis, Kevin Morris, Taylor Hatmaker, Casey Woods, Nimrod Kamer, and Ed Zitron.[citation needed]


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