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Cryptid Hunt[edit]

Cryptid Hunt is an Internet documentary cryptozoology series that premiered on October 31, 2008 on Youtube. The series deals with the search for various cryptozoological animals like hidden or unknown creatures.

Season One (2008-2009)[edit]

Ep# Title Originale Airdate Description
1 America's Loch Ness Monster October 31,2008 The hunt for Champ, a dinosaur-like creature with a humped back, front flippers and a snake or horse-like head lurking in the waters of New York State and Vermont's Lake Champlain.
2 Sasquatch Encounter November 28, 2008 The hunt into the wilds of the Adirondacks for a supposed Bigfoot that has been sighted in the small rural town of Whitehall, New York and other encounters of Sasquatch creatures seen all around the world.
3 Giant Squid Caught December 26th, 2008 The hunt for the Humbolt Squid, a red demon that the locals call "El Demonio Rojo" a squid has killed hundreds of fishermen in the Sea of Cortez.
4 Mothman January 30th, 2009 The hunt for the Mothman, a red-eyed bird-like creature that is said to stalk the hills of Point Pleasant, West Virginia during November 1966 and December 1967.
5 Bigfoot February 27th, 2009 The hunt for Bigfoot, the most famous cryptid that has been sighted in the remote mountains of the Pacific Northwest and a examination to the famous 1967 Patterson film.
6 Beast of Gevaudan March 27th, 2009 The hunt into the evidence for the Beast of Gevaudan, a ferocious wolf-like mystery mauler that killed and mutilated 300 hundred victims in a 3 year period.
7 Swamp Creature TBA The hunt for the Skunk Ape, a strange foul-smelling beast that is reported to lurk into the foggy swamps of the Flordia Everglades.
8 Russian Snowman TBA The hunt for the Almas, a hairy hominid-like creature that exists in the mountains of the former Soviet Union. A investigation into the science of apes and humans.
9 Phantom Black Panthers TBA The hunt into the sightings of large black cats, black panther sightings that happens in the Northeast like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York State.