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"When I am asked to look into cases of "admin abuse" and I choose to do so, I generally find myself astounded at how nice we are to complete maniacs, and for how long." - Jimbo Wales

Tips for the angry new user[edit]

  • Be civil with other editors, even those who disagree with you and those who you think are breaking the rules. Civility is a fundamental rule here at Wikipedia. Collaborative editing depends on people who are willing to work with one another and is harmed by those who are rude and combative. If you have come here to combat another political, religious, cultural, ethnic, or other group, please do it on a message board somewhere and not Wikipedia.
  • If you find yourself in conflict with another editor, please calmly discuss your differences with other editors on the talk page of the article. Do not just keep making the same changes to the article over and over again. The three revert rule prevents you from "reverting" the article (undoing the changes of other editors and restoring an old version) more than three times in 24 hours.
  • Please do not accuse other users of bias, vandalism, censorship, or being sockpuppets. Do not insult other editors in any way. No personal attacks is another fundamental Wikipedia rule.
  • You are responsible for your own conduct. Do not expect administrators to rush over to other articles or confront other users just to prove to you they are not biased. The fact that misconduct may be happening elsewhere on Wikipedia does not excuse your conduct.
  • If you feel that other users are breaking the rules, report them in the normal fashion. Three revert rule violators can be reported here, vandalism should be reported here, and other misconduct reported here. Do not escalate the problem by retaliating with personal attacks or angry accusations.
  • Do not report a dispute over the content of the article as vandalism, even if an editor you disagree with is removing content that you think belongs in the article. Reports of such "vandalism" will be ignored, and you may be sanctioned if you make repeated inappropriate vandalism reports.
  • If you have any questions, please contact me or another administrator on their user talk page.