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New article name goes here new article content ... ENOVALE is a US registered trademark for Global Targeting, Inc.'s Innovation Process Management strategy. Each letter in the ENOVALE acronym is a unique identifer of a major step in the innovation management process. These major steps initiate actions, directives and responsibilities for innovation success. E - Envision the need N - Nominate the "right" person O - Objectify V - Validate A - Align L - Link to Performance E - Execute the Project

The ENOVALE® process has two major functions. First, it provides a transformative roadmap for organizations to develop and produce innovative outcomes. It has successfully changed management’s understanding of the concept of innovation and the steps needed to achieve innovative outcomes. The process has changed people (management) to view innovation from a functional and strategic perspective. The second purpose is far more utilitarian - it provides an ongoing process for creating and evaluating innovative projects.


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