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Dr Abu Tareq Muhammad Salahuddin, better known by his pen name Dr Tareq Salahuddin (ডাঃ তারেক সালাহ্উদ্দিন) is a Public Health Professional and a health journalist from Bangladesh. He works as the Editor of health section of “The Daily Star”, the highest circulating English daily newspaper from Bangladesh. Thus he is contributing increasing health awareness in Bangladesh and globally.

He graduated MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) from Sir Salimullah Medical College and Mitford Hospital, Dhaka. Dr Salahuddin is involved in multidisciplinary activities with a diverse working experience with different organizations including government, NGO and UN bodies. He is specially focused on public health related works. So far he worked with The Independent newspaper; The Daily Star newspaper; Save the Children, UK; AB Foundation; Safety Assistance for Emergency (SAFE); Beacon of Light, UK; HEAL India; UNDP (A2I and UPPR Project); ILO; WaterAid Bangladesh; Unicef; Shiree and so on ... Currently he works as a communications professional. His future plan is to work in the field of public health through development sector.

Dr Tareq Salahuddin is the Founder Editor and CTO of an online news portal News Hour. It was launched on May 2014.

Tareq says that he is like a tourist without a camera in this world; which means a life long need based learner. Besides medical profession, graphics design, web developing and photography are his hobbies. His photos are available on his Flickr account. He loves music and traveling across the world. Computer is his passion, love or whatever could be said. He is truly an Internet/IT-savvy person. Tareq is very regular on Facebook and other social media e.g. LinkedIn.

Tareq lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh with his wife Dr Israt Jahan and son Ishraq-e-Mumtaheen (Shuddho).

Tareq has been writing poetry for a decade. He is the author of poetry books অপার্থিব জোছনার কাব্য (Oparthibo Jochnar Kabbo) published by Jagriti Prokashony in February 2013 and তোমায় নিয়ে যে জন্য কবিতা অজস্র (Tomay Niye Je Jonno Kobita Ojosro) published by Sucheepotro Prokashony in February 2014.

To visit Tareq's personal website, click here and to see him click here.