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Non nobis solum
"We help the Internet not suck. So it's that the Wikipedia for a lot of people hearkens back to what we all thought the Internet was for in the first place which is, you know, when most people first started the Internet they thought oh, this is fantastic, people can communicate from all over the world and build knowledge and share information. And then we went through the whole dot-com boom and bust and the Internet seemed to be about pop-up ads, and spam, and porn and selling dog food over the Internet. And now Wikipedia kind of hearkens back to the original vision of the Internet. And so it's important for the whole business of the entire Internet that there be quality resources that people can turn to and want to turn to." Jimmy Wales, 25 September 2005
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Wikipedia Rollbacker.svgThis user has rollback and pending changes reviewer rights on the English Wikipedia. (verify)Wikipedia Reviewer.svg
Huggle 3 icon.svg This user uses Huggle to combat vandalism.
PartOfWikpedia.gifThis user wants to make Wikipedia verifiable again.
HumanRightsLogo.svgThis user is concerned about
Human Rights
This user believes that
Science Matters
Flag of Iraq.svg
This user has deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Iraq Campaign Medal ribbon.svgGlobal War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal ribbon.pngGlobal War on Terrorism Service Medal ribbon.svg
World map.pngThis user has visited 23 of the
206 countries in the world.
Océan Atlantique détourée.pngThis user has sailed the Atlantic Ocean.
Indianocean.PNGThis user has sailed the Indian Ocean.
Océan Pacifique détourée.pngThis user has sailed the Pacific Ocean.
Relief Map of Mediterranean Sea.pngThis user has sailed the Mediterranean Sea.
Seal of the United States Marine Corps.svgThis user is a veteran of the
United States Marine Corps
What did you do?This user includes edit summaries in their contributions and thinks that everybody should use these as well
WTF?This user ALWAYS leaves
an edit summary.
NonUK Roundabout 8 Cars.gif This user is interested in transport issues.
Skydive exit mini.jpgThis user prefers
jumping out of a plane
to landing in one.
AVIA BUTTON big.pngThis user can interpret raw METAR data.
Nieuport 23 at Festival of History 07.jpgThis user is a member of
WikiProject Aviation.
Universe expansion-en.svgThis user's favorite subject is Big History.
BikerA friendly motorcyclist
Seychelles praslin anselazio.jpgThis user is a beach bum.
No-peacock.svgThis user thinks that peacocks and weasels should be extinct.Mustela frenata.jpg
?This user likes to browse Random Articles, and make helpful edits whenever they can
Asw1.jpgThis user is a member of the Association of
Structurist Wikipedians
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