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Notes To Self[edit]

To create a clean template to start creating a new "To USD" data page, use the old data page and run the following regular expression replacement in Writer (make sure the "regular expression" checkbox is checked):
search expression: =\{\{#expr:\(\{\{\{1\}\}\}/ *([0-9])*(\.)?([0-9])* *\)round\{\{#ifeq:\{\{\{round\}\}\}
replace expression: ={{#expr:({{{1}}}/ xxxxxxxxxxx )round{{#ifeq:{{{round}}}
Last time it ran with 189 replacements for "To USD" and 188 replacements for "International dollars". The data for Spain in "International dollars" had a typo (2 decimal points), so the regular expression didn't match that one.


I'm beginning a major revision of the article List of minimum wages by country to update the data using the US State department's 2011 Human Rights Reports and the 2011 data from the IMF's World Economic Outlook Database, October 2012. The link to the sandbox version of this article is below: