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My username was formerly Guðsþegn, which is a neologism meaning God's thane in Old English, or Old Norse, or even modern Icelandic. I switched to my current username because the old username contained unusual letters that many people had difficulty understanding, or even verbalizing.

An abstract illustration of the relationship between the one essence and three personages of the triune God (called YHVH in the Bible), the understanding of whose nature was a major concern of Athanasius and the early Church.

In addition to meaning royal servant or minister, Thane can also be used as shorthand for Athanasius (at least I'm claiming it can). Saint Athanasius was a very important Nicene-era church leader who (more than any other) kept the Church of Christ from falling into Arianism, as well as being a significant voice in the establishment of the New Testament biblical canon. Saint Athanasius was the twentieth bishop of Alexandria in Egypt.

I love history, geography, architecture, theology, political philosophy, etc.

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