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Hi my name is Heather :) I am a freshman at St. Charles Community College. I have no idea what I want to do when I get older.

Psychology 101 Assignments[edit]

Week One

  1. Created an Account.
  2. Created a user page about myself.
  3. Signed up on the list of students.

Week Two

  1. Introduced myself and left a message for User talk:Ndrysdale2
  2. Added this section to my page

Week Three

  1. I critiqued this article be improved: Talk:Compartmentalization_(psychology)#Evauation_for_psych_101
  2. These are some articles I consider working on for my main project:
    1. Rational_depression
    2. Emotionalism
    3. Experimental_Psychology_Society
    4. Mental_management
    5. Human_Behavior_and_Evolution_Society

Week Four and Five

  1. Added the indicator template to my user page.
  2. Added information to a Wiki article.Substance-related_disorder

Week Six

  1. I contributed to Talk:Charles_Bonnet_syndrome and Charles_Bonnet_syndrome
  2. I contributed two sentences to Thought_blocking

Week Seven and Eight

  1. I added the WAP assignment to the emotionalism page.
  2. I created my annotated bibliography to my sand box.

Final Week

  1. Added information about emotionalism to my sandbox page.