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Australian electronics engineer and designer, 42 years' experience in everything from old valve radios to digital signal processing, including 9 years working with CO2 lasers. Former holder of full amateur radio license, VK3XVK.

IQ measured in the mid-150's and eligible for membership in several high-IQ societies, including Poetic Genius (99.5 percentile) and Glia Society (99.9 percentile). Finalist in The Australian MENSA Mind of the Year Contest, 1993 (top 100).

Musician, songwriter and playwright.

Researcher and inventor.

Programmer with exposure to Linux, BeOS, Windows, DOS and dozens of programming languages, including work on operating systems, device drivers, computer games, web servers, and assembler on various embedded microprocessors.

Polymath. In fact, I'm pretty much unemployable. <grin>