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History of Kerala (Kami) village of Amreli District in Gujarat, India ...

Kerala, presently known as Kami - Kerala is situated in between Chalala and Savar Kundla towns on MDR 112. The village is one of the victims of urbanization. It used to be a vibrant place during 60s and 70s. As per census records the population of Kerala in 1971 was around 3000 which had shown decreasing trend during the decades of 80s, 90s and 00s. Following is the population figures for the village between 1981 and 2001. 1981 = 2000 (approx) 1991 = 1500 (") 2001 = 500 (") Kerala is typical Indian village with agrarian economy. Majority of the working population had started migration to the larger urban centers like Surat and Ahmadabad in search of jobs owing to drought situation during 80s and 90s in Amareli district. The migrates can be found at great, diamond trading, Amareli district diaspora located in Bapunagar area of Ahmedabad and Varachha and Katargam area of Surat. The history of the village roots 200 years back. When Mr. Ratanji Joshi, chief Priest and Jyotishi of Nagvadar village (Presently in Upleta taluka, Rajkot district)was migrating from erstwhile Gondal State to Gohilwad (Bhavanagar State)with his Ahir hosts (Vaghmashis). They were carrying a "Shiv Ling" along with them. On the 8th day of walk from Nagvadar, the took a halt in a jungle like place surrouded by lots of trees of "Kerdo" (in Gujarati)in Gaekwad state (Now Amreli district). Mr Ratanji and the head of Ahirs simultaneously dreamt that the Lord shiva (whose shiv linga they were carrying with them)had desire to be located on this place. Considering the dream, Mr. Ratanji had taken decision to establish a village. The village has given the name of Kerala owing to surrounding of trees of "Kerado" His inheritors are still living in the village. Mr. Chandrakant Joshi (on of his great grand son) is headmaster in the primary school who is carrying other legacy of being head master of Kerala school of since last three generation.


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