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Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Current occupation: M.A. in Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Institute of Archaeology, Mount Scopus Campus
Religion: Hebrew-Christian
Attitude: Truth in Wikipedia, not censorship...if you can't handle the truth, then don't post or edit.

Other education:

B.A. (Honours): University of Toronto
B.Ed.: Queen's University
Masters: Intercultural Studies (incl. ancient languages and literature, Biblical Period), Tyndale University College
Visiting student in Archaeology: School of Graduate Studies, Near Eastern Department, University of Toronto
J.D. Candidate: Santa Clara University School of Law, Santa Clara, CA (degree not completed, withdrew from 2nd year)
Post-Grad Certification: Business Management - "E-Business" - Computer Science Management, Centennial College
Red Belt: Kuk Sool (Korean Martial Arts)

Favorite quotes from movies:

"Dr. are in a position unsuitable to give orders!"
"Brothers, what we do in life echoes in eternity."
"well...he spit in the c-c-cooler..."
"Abner was sorry for dragging me all over this earth looking for his little bits of junk..."
"No more rhyming now, I mean it."..."Anybody want a peanut?"

Some Wikipedia Articles I've worked on so far (for all wikipedia edits: click here):

Gyula, Hungary: added pictures of Synagogue, translation of commemorative plaque about the Holocaust, and names of families lost at Auschwitz
Bekes: added pictures of Synagogue, history of Jews in the Town of Bekes, and names of families lost at Auschwitz
Bekescsaba: added names of families lost at Auschwitz
Y-chromosomal Aaron: Attempted to add content (responses section), portions were deleted, reposted, then after subsequent adds moved to discussion page Talk:Y-chromosomal Aaron
Aaron: Added content to genetics section
Humble King Returning King: created page and added link to Rabbi Eckstein

"We owe the dead nothing but the Truth" - Voltaire