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A big "HELLO" to all co-contributors:

I'll introduce myself by saying that the work of John Howard Griffin and his authorship of Black Like Me was formative for me and the more modern work of John McWhorter in Self-Sabotage is an essential update regarding matters of race and poverty in the U.S.A. I find them both very relevant to the 2008 Presidential race in the U.S. and the responses to the election of numerous Democratic Party members. The work of Simon Baron-Cohen in Essential Differences is also very important in understanding how to best manage the incredible diversity in this world.

I'm active at Wiki in a number of spheres, from automotive, agriculture, mechanical, Great Plains settlement, airplanes and piloting, sociology, medical treatments and a few notes regarding the state of affairs in addressing psycho/social difficulties.

Thank you for the invitation to participate....and I shall do so, from time to time

Homebuilding (talk) 22:32, 8 April 2008 (UTC)