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English Wikipedia
If I am not mistaken, my first edit was on July 23, 2006. It was when I posted a question on the Help Desk. I didn't waste any time that I started my first article on that day, about a website, but then it was deleted. However, I learned about stuff and I think my contributions qualities have improved since then (maybe, you decide).

Throughout my journey, I think my greatest contribution is for Indonesia-related articles. I made Indonesian Portal in one night, then the day after I fell asleep in class. I also started Indonesian WikiProject, even though at that time I didn't know any Indonesian. But now it has 30 active members (hopefully more to come). Apart from that, I also contribute for Guitarists WikiProject with its task forces.

My tasks on Wikipedia are just around the projects (see userboxes) and reverting vandalism using the Vandal Proof 2. Because I am still learning, please point out things I have done so I can improve my skill. I also started to change my mindset about WP:AfD and trying to contribute there. Since October 22, 2006, I adopt Mortice, which is cool!

Indonesian Wikipedia
After many considerations and suggestions from a number of friends, I joined Indonesian Wikipedia and. Actually I have joined the project when I created this account, but I lost my password. So, with a similar name, İmoeng, I will try my best to improve the Indonesian Wikipedia.

I joined Wikipedia Commons on October 15, 2006. My contributions are mostly page translations from English to Indonesia. I will also likely to improve images quality, if I can do it :D

On the same day (October 15, 2006), I also created an account on Wikimedia (Meta). However I really do not know how can I help. With an empty talk page, I will just wait for instructions.