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As the name implies, I joined Wikipedia to chronicle the existence of some noteworthy artists who may be under the radar of mainstream popular culture, but nonetheless should be researchable for students, academics, and fellow artists. Although their presence should be known and search-able to researchers interested in the arts, as I've learned, these lesser-known but still-important artists do not always meet so-called notability requirements. As I continually try to point out: Wikipedia does not have a policy on notability. As stated on the notability page, Notability is not formal policy (and indeed the whole concept of notability is contentious). Anyone that agrees with me, please help me fight the notability "requirement" or lessen it so that artists without a fan base of 5,000 can be added to Wikipedia and therefore researchable by those interested. (After all, the whole point of encyclopedia is for research; so this project should serve the researcher.)

The artists that I've added include: (If any of them are red, it means that I've lost the notability fight. If you know of these artists, please start an entry for them and let me know so that I can help to defend them. If you don't know these artists, please contact me and I'll let you know why you should):