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Ipankonin is inactive because he got promoted from his previous job and actually has to work while he's at work, which is very different from what he used to do.

United States Arms.svg

Holy Roman Empire Arms-single head.svg Holy Roman Empire Arms-double head.svg Spencer Arms.svg UK Arms 1714.svg UK Arms 1801.svg Hohenstaufen family arms.svg Counts of Holland Arms.svg Counts of Habsburg Arms.svg Austria coat of arms simple.svg Bavaria Arms.svg Baden Arms.svg Carinthia Arms.svg Tyrol Arms.svg France Ancient.svg Blason France moderne.svg Dauphin of Viennois Arms.svg Dauphin Arms.svg Scotland Arms 1559.svg

UK Arms 1707.svg

Henry II Arms.svg Count of Poitiers Arms.svg Richard I of England Arms.svg Royal coat of arms of Scotland.svg England COA.svg UK Arms 1837.svg Wales Arms.svg England Arms-blue label.svg England Arms 1340-white label.svg Richard II Arms as Prince of Wales.svg England Arms 1405-white label.svg Richard of Cornwall Arms.svg Arms of Edmund Crouchback, Earl of Leicester and Lancaster.svg Henry of Leceister Arms.svg England Arms-white label.svg Edmund of Woodstock Arms.svg John of Eltham Arms.svg Lionel of Antwerp Arms.svg Thomas of Woodstock Arms.svg John of Gaunt Arms.svg John of Gaunt-Castile Arms.svg Thomas of Lancaster Arms.svg John of Lancaster Arms.svg Francis I Arms-personal.svg Leopold I Arms-personal.svg Countess of Wessex Arms.svg Austria-Burgundy Arms.svg Armoiries empereur Maximilien Ier.png Ferdinand I Arms-personal.svg Lorraine Arms 1430.svg Lorraine Arms 1473.svg Lorraine Arms 1538.svg Ravensberg Arms.svg

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For your hard work on the provision of so very many arms! DBD 11:58, 29 October 2007 (UTC)

UK Arms 1689.svg England Arms 1340.svg England Arms 1367-impale Confessor.svg England Arms 1405.svg England Arms 1422.svg England Arms 1554-1558.svg England Arms 1603.svg Humphrey of Lancaster Arms.svg John Beaufort Arms.svg Thomas Beaufort Arms.svg Edmund of Langley Arms.svg Edward of Norwich Arms.svg Richard of Conisburgh Arms.svg Richard of Schrewsbury Arms.svg George of Clarence Arms.svg Edward of Warwick Arms.svg Princess Diana Arms.svg Philip Duke of Edinburgh Arms.svg Prince of Wales Arms.svg Anne Princess Royal Arms.svg Charles VI Arms-personal.svg Charles VII Arms-personal.svg Loon-Chiny Arms.svg Joseph II Arms-personal.svg Brabant-Limburg Arms.svg Nassau Arms.svg Sigismund Arms.svg Loon-Chiny-Heinsberg Arms.svg Loon-Chiny-Montferrat Arms.svg Rudolf II Arms-personal.svg Ferdinand III Arms-personal.svg Leopold II Arms-personal.svg Charles V Arms-personal.svg

Aragon Arms.svg

Bohemia Arms.svg Guelders-Jülich Arms.svg Hainaut Modern Arms.svg Hainaut-Bavaria Arms.svg Palatinate Arms.svg Limburg Old Arms.svg Limburg New Arms.svg Berg Arms.svg Loon Arms.svg Luxembourg Old Arms.svg Luxembourg New Arms.svg Namur Arms.svg Cleves Arms.svg Counts of Mark Arms.svg Mark-Cleves Arms.svg Vaudemont Arms.svg Burgundy-Brabant Arms.svg Duchess of Cornwall Arms.svg

Chiny Arms.svg