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Anarchy-symbol.svg This user reserves the right to question authority.
Unbalanced scales.svgThis user opposes all forms of
Parthenon icon.jpg This user is an advocate of democracy.
A coloured voting box.svg This user does not trust electronic voting machines.
Piratpartiet.svgThis user supports the worldwide Pirate Party movement.
PROThis user is a progressive.
Rose Gelb.JPG
This user is a liberal socialist.

- Flower 02 -.jpgThis user is a social democrat.
Libertatis Aequilibritas GFDL.pngThis user is a Left-Wing Capitalist & doesn't see any contradiction in it.
Dome 1.jpg This user believes in the separation of Marxism and state. Karl Marx coloured.gif
Eurabia Flag.svg This user opposes all forms of Islamism and Islamofascism.
Purple Pansy.jpgThis user is a freethinker.
Crystal Clear app xmag.svgThis user is a skeptic.
This user does not belong to any organized (or disorganized) religion.
ATHThis user is an Atheist.
This user thinks nationalism is outdated.
Liberty icon.svgThis user believes that every nation has an inherent right of national sovereignty.
Earth Eastern Hemisphere.jpgThis user promotes efforts to counter
climate change
A sunflower-Edited.pngThis user is an anti-consumerist.
Leaf 1 web.jpgThis user supports sustainable living.
Glider.svgThis user is a hacker, not a cracker. Know the difference!
PD-icon.svgThis user is against DRM.
Free software logosThis user uses
free software only.
Copyleft.svgThis user prefers and supports Copyleft licensing.
RobertFuddBewusstsein17Jh.pngThis user is interested in the subject of consciousness
This user believes that
Reason Matters
This user believes that
Science Matters
Socrates.pngThis user is interested in moral realism.
Jeremy Bentham by Henry William Pickersgill detail.jpgThis user is a consequentialist, who believes that the morality of an act is based on its consequences.
Charles Sanders Peirce theb3558.jpgThis user feels that Pragmaticism is a better Empiricism.

Hanlon's RazorThis user never attributes to malice that which is best explained by stupidity.
Atelier de Nicolas de Largillière, portrait de Voltaire, détail (musée Carnavalet) -002.jpgThis user is a child of the Enlightenment.