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This user is…[edit]

…on a Wikiholiday at the moment. I've a book deadline looming, and need to concentrate on that. Probably wont be back until May.

I work as the Director of Open Learning at London School of Theology, London, UK. You can find out a bit more info on me here. I've also studied classical music - composition and piano - and chemistry (but I don't normally talk about that). My main hobbies are photography, orchids, bonsai, and art house and foreign language films.

I was motivated to join the community since an increasing number of my students are using Wikipedia as a primary source for their essays. I'd used Wikipedia myself a fair number of times prior to that, normally arriving here when I followed Google results on a search for information I needed. With the controversy in some of the British media about Wiki's supposed non-reliablity, and counter-claims of equal reliability to Brittania, I realised I needed to sort out what advice should be passed on to students. It didn't take much rooting around to be comfortable with Wiki. I appreciate the philosophy here, believing that the strengths outwwigh the weaknesses, and that the weaknesses will gradually diminish through thoughtful contributions.

I got used to the way the Wiki interface works by concentrating on the copyediting and wikifying requests. Since then I've started making a few tentative contributions on theological issues, and I've also recently joined the Composers' Project and the Christianity Project.

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