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I chose to add this notice above my userpage, as I cannot make active edits here on enwiki for one reason (see this section of my talkpage). But I won't be totally retiring 'cos enwiki still needs my little help, even though I'm a constant FreeBasics user.

I will only participate in discussions involving me and in Wikipedia:Media copyright questions (if it involves enwiki files that are questionable to be moved to Commons).

North Luzon Expressway has always been one of my favorite roads, and it will remain so. (Image courtesy of RamonFVelasquez)
Balete Drive, one of the highways that I intend to visit one day…(Image courtesy of Judgefloro)
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Moving files of some structures/landmarks in the Philippines to Commons (for these images to be made available at Tagalog Wikipedia)[edit]

The most important guideline: Wikipedia:Moving files to Commons. Take note (from the former excerpt of the said guideline): As of July 2012, bots such as Fbot and Svenbot started tagging files for transfer to Commons, based mainly on the licenses that those files used. Files tagged by the bot are kept separate from files tagged by humans, and can be found at Category:Copy to Wikimedia Commons (bot-assessed). Aside from being kept in a subcategory, any file tagged by one of those programs has a LARGE RED WARNING LEVEL indicating that it was tagged by a bot. While it is important to thoroughly check all files before you transfer them, it is especially important to check files tagged by the bot, because unlike humans, the bot has no way of knowing if the licenses that were used when the files were uploaded are accurate or not.

Some guidance
Some discourse about the related FOP issues

Additional help/guidance from other editors[edit]