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This is an incomplete list of Classical musicians who were related by blood or marriage.

  • Ferrabosco family
  • Alexander Goedicke
    • Goedicke was the son of the minor composer and pianist Fyodor Goedicke, and the cousin of the much more famous composer asnd pianist Nikolai Medtner
  • Nikolai Medtner
    • Medtner was Alexander Goedicke's cousin. (Goedicke's father, Medtner's uncle and first teacher, was the minor composer and pianist Fyodor Goedicke.)
  • Newman dynasty
  • Jean Sibelius
    • He married Aino, the sister of the composer Armas Järnefelt, whose brother Arvid wrote Kuolema. The Sibeliuses' daughter Margareta married the conductor Jussi Jalas, and daughter Heidi married Jalas's brother Aulis Blomstedt


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