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Hi, my name is Jan Josef Jiří Pospíšil(1954), living in Prague, Czech Republic, former Czechoslovakia. Beeing an expilot, now as an insurance clerk, trying to do ATP licence and after 13 years of on-ground-going to return to flying :-) During previous years I participated e.g. in DLT-project as a flying external translator (I don´t know how to exactly express it), in TEC UEA-project, different terminology-projects e.t.c. In the recent time I have studied philosophy - a classical realism, so I´ll try to contribute in Wikipedia what I think I understand. My articles will be certainly not perfect, but rather like conception or appeal or challenge for others to precise it. Please bear with me, I am learning what Wikipedia is :-) Ahoj.

jpospisil AT cpoj DOT cz

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