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Fourknocks (Fuar Cnoc, meaning "Cold Hill", in Irish) is a megalithic passage tomb in Brú na Bóinne located in Naul, County Meath.

The passage tomb Fourknocks I (Tuama Pasáiste na bhFuarchnoc = The Passage Tomb of The Cold Hills) is located in County Meath in Ireland near Naul,County Meath.

Fourknocks differs from other Irish passage graves due to the enormous size of the chamber. The roof of the oval, approximately 6 × 7 meters large chamber was probably made of wood and supported by a mullion into whose state traces one found. The Chamber has three lateral niches, whose upper edge Ritzverzierungen stones (usually zigzag lines), respectively. Other engravings have been on the Ortho deeds of the Ganges found. One shows a kind of a clown face. The simple lines engraved face is the clearest representation of a human face in the prehistoric Irish art.

Traces of more than 60 funerals were under way and the side niches, but not in the chamber found. The monument was built from 3000 to 2500 BC, was built.

The visitors to the facility Fourknocks I have to leave the keys. The chamber is now used by a steel dome covers. Openings allow enough light to ensure the appropriate atmosphere to produce.

Fourknocks II[edit]

135 m east of the Gangrabes is the hill of Fourknocks II The hill was excavated. There was no room, however, a number of fire burials. Fourknocks II is an unusual structure, consisting of a circular stone mound with a concentric ditch and a pit with a lateral course megalithic exists. Both complexes are of an outer ring bordered pit, the only area in the Ganges is interrupted. The plant will Millin Bay or Townleyhall compared structures, which are also included in the scheme of Irish megalithic tombs can not categorize.

Fourknocks III[edit]

The excavation of this 15m wide, two-meter-high hill of provided a fire and ceramic finds grave of Carrowkeel type. It is a cup with a piece of shell.


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