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Today's thought
  • The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
  • But I have promises to keep,
  • And miles to go before I sleep,
  • And miles to go before I sleep.
Just a quote I like. Refresh.

Hippo mouth1.jpg

— Hi, I'm JayHenry, also known as JayHank. I'm here to help write an encyclopedia. I registered at Wikipedia awhile ago. I like it here. I hope to stay.

I really believe in what Wikipedia is trying to accomplish. It's still a work in progress, to be sure, but in 17 years this could really be something amazing.
So in real life I'm a somewhat recent college graduate living in the Thunderdome, in the days after The Fall. Priorly I've somehow lived in Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest, London, Chicago, Toronto, Zurich and Washington; ironically (or is it tragically?), I don't really like cities. It's interesting — I have found everywhere — that the relationship between population density and the loneliness of a population is not inverse (I guess that's the tragic part).
I like to read. I like hippos. For more about me, you can check out my userboxes or some articles I've worked on. I'm not very active right now, but it's because of life, not the project. For all its flaws this is history's greatest encyclopedia, and it's an honor to play a role no matter how small.