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Hi. You've probably stumbled upon me wondering who's making the sweeping changes to the Utah State University pages as of late. The vast majority of my Wikipedia editing prowess revolves around USU. I work for the university and have a vested interest in maintaining the brand and public perception of our great institution. This is something that the U and BYU generally do better than us, and it's worked. People have begun to think of USU as somehow inferior to the other two, when the truth is often quite the opposite. Anyhow, that's my soapbox.

Mostly, I'm attempting to create and expand a dynamic infrastructure for USU-related pages that rivals the professionalism and scope of similar university pages, especially those of the U and BYU. I'm an experienced and published writer and editor, but not in the Wiki realm so much, so I'll appreciate any help offered by those who really know what they're doing. Also, I don't have unlimited time and resources, so my edits and pages will usually come a little at a time, with the hope that others will be inspired to contribute as well.

Pages I've created:

Templates I've created:

Pages to which I've made significant contributions:

And there's more to come. Thanks for your help, and drop me a line if I can be of any service. Jcarr29 (talk) 21:19, 9 February 2010 (UTC)