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Eats shoots and leaves.

Same person as @jeanpetr on Twitter.


  1. How reliable is the source of claim?
  2. Is the source always make similar claims?
  3. Has the claim been independently verified?
  4. Does the claim fit in with how things are known to work?
  5. Are there good possible counters to the claim?
  6. Is the evidence presented a biased subset?
  7. Is the claim being pushed without empiricism and logic?
  8. Is there positive evidence provided of the claim?
  9. Does the claim explain and predict more than current theories?
  10. Are there personal beliefs or agendas driving a claim?



Fries covered in stuff[edit]

Non-comprehensive list of dishes made by throwing stuff on fries
Name Fries? Cheese? Sauce? Toppings? Notes
Italian poutine X Curd cheese Bolognese sauce Sometimes with Italian sausage slices.[1]
Greek poutine Shoestring fries Feta cheese Mediterranean vinaigrette and gravy X
Poutine Dulton X Curd cheese Thin gravy Ground beef and onions
Donair poutine X Curd cheese Thin gravy Donair meat Found in the Canadian Maritimes
Poutine persillade Persillade potatoes Curd cheese Thin gravy X
Poutine Galvaude X Curd cheese Thin gravy Shredded turkey or chicken and green peas Similar to the ingrediants of a Québécois "hot chicken" sandwich.[2]
Chips, Cheese and Gravy/Disco/"Elvis" Fries X Grated Mozzarella/American cheese Thick brown gravy X Standard gravy, cheese, and fries, found throughout Eastern part of North America and else where in the world
Chips and gravy Frite sauce X X Thin gravy X The Canadian way
Ketchup and fries X X Ketchup X The US way
Pomme frites X X Mayonnaise X The French and (maybe) European way
Patate-sauce-choux X X Thin gravy Coleslaw Occurs in Shawinigan its surroundings
Smoked-meat poutine X Curd cheese Thin gravy Smoked meat
Chips, dressing and gravy X X X White bread crumbs and savoury mix Popular in Newfoundland and Labrador
Chili cheese fries X Shredded cheese Chili con carne X South-west and Western US
Chili con queso fries X Shredded cheese Green chili pepper South-west and Western US
Kapsalon X Gouda cheese Sometimes with garlic sauce Shawarma meat, dressed salad greens Cheese is grilled melted on meat and topped with salad
Fisktin X Mozarella cheese Fish gravy Salmon and herring chunks
Animal fries X Processed cheese Burger sauce Fried onions In-and-out specialty row=
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