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Perhaps one day I'll post something intereting & useful here. In the meantime, you get user boxes.

(Actually, it's my boyfriend that does the homebrewing, but I help! Especially with tasting...)

A little trivia about JediKaiti
Cat03.jpg This user is owned by one or more cats.
Black Paw.svg This user is owned by one or more dogs.
Cessna.f172g.g-bgmp.arp.jpg This user has soloed a Cessna 172.
This user loves The BEATLES
Accretion disk.jpg This user would like to know what a black hole looks like from inside, but doesn't want to investigate it personally.
Thai Seafood Curry.jpg
This user likes to eat
Thai food
Beer mug.svg
This user is a homebrewer.
MEAD This user makes his or her own mead (and might even share some with you).
Human brain female side view.PNG This user spends most of her free time thinking about random things...
HanWaHanViet.svg This user is interested in East Asian culture.
This user is always fascinated as they search their family history and build a family tree to see what black sheep will turn up next.
Garnknäuel gefärbt.jpg This user enjoys knitting.
Eagle Nebula
This user is interested in astronomy.
Heringsschwarm.gif This user will eat fish raw.
Here fishy, fishy, fishy.
Saint Bubba the Ball The sanity of this user has been disputed. Refer to the talk page to discuss this topic.

I need to quit messing with user boxes and go to bed!

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