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Alchemy is a stageplay structured around the progression of the Great Work, set in near-future Australia.

This two-act (40-minutes per act) play, set in a suburban Perth house in late December 2012, tells the story of a young woman whose obsession with the British monarch forces her life and relationships to a crisis point. The protagonist's personal and spiritual development during the course of the play reflects the alchemical procedures traditionally used to produce the Philosopher's Stone.

Dramatis Personae[edit]

  • Leah

Alchemy's 26 year old protagonist

  • Adele

Leah's 25 year old best friend and confidant

  • K'tiger

An expatriate American, who believes his dead wife Katherine's spirit has been bonded to his own soul in a G'tath Ceremony, part of the ritual worship-paths of Cardassia's prehistoric Monmorian people. K'tiger is otherwise an intelligent and personable young man.

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