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Hi, I am Jesse P Francis.It was Abhishek Jacob, who introduced me to wiki.

I was a Bureaucrat for a while in [ Wikibooks Malaylam], and started off few projects like Cookbook in local language. I'm a researcher, with diverse interests, from programming, disability, writing, debating, art, craft - but a mathematician by profession and a Christian and teacher by passion. I did my High school and Higher Secondary from BEMHSS, Palakkad, then headed to Madras Christian College, Chennai for Bachelors and Pondicherry University for Masters in Mathematics. I am also a part of proVISION ASIA, a disability organisation.

My activity graph hit near zero after I started travelling, and departed from the community - but I do write here, once in a while. Also, tiny bit active in [ English Wikibooks] where I've written one guide, is in work of another book and contributor in few others.