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The Wikicladogram Project is an attempt to map out the evolutionary tree linking species and other taxonomical groupings together.


When posting entries please put them in the following format.

1. Scientific Name (common name optional)

2. Ancestor species or group (if unknown write "currently unlinked")

3. Era of existence (preferably including specific times)

4. Preferably Location(s)

5. Descendent species or group(s)

6. A link to the Wikipedia page containing more information on the organism or clade.

When labeling each file be sure to include: "Cladistic File" after it to distinguish it from other files about the same species/grouping elsewhere on Wikipedia.

Unconnected Clades[edit]

New clades may not be connected at first. Put unconnected clades or species into the Unconnected Clades folder before they are linked to there ancestor clades or species. Remove them once they are connected.