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I'm a university graduate student with an interest in (particularly) beetles. My studies centre on the effects of alternative agricultural systems and practices on insect communities. I find the vast diversity of insects especially interesting. They present a seemingly inexhaustible supply of mysteries to delve into.

I also very much enjoy the broader scope of nature and some of the adventures it supplies: hiking, fishing, cross country skiing, etc.

On writing and editing…[edit]

Here are some stats on my contributions to date (since May 31, 2006, when I discovered Wikipedia)

Grammatical errors in other people’s work bug me, so I’m liable to try to fix them. In my own writing, however, I tend to miss things that may be blatant to other people, especially in my use of commas. Corrections are welcome.

Simple English Wikipedia[edit]

I think Wikipedia should be accessible, even to those whose grasp of the English language is not great, perhaps especially for those with developing abilities in English. For this reason I strongly encourage anyone with interest to visit the Simple English Wikipedia and browse some of the articles or contribute.

My contributions to Simple English Wikipedia follow: