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Allerdale Youth Council
Name Allerdale Youth Council
Area of benifit Allerdale, Cumbria
Founding Date May 2011

Allerdale Youth Council is an youth organisation set up in May 2011[1] with an aim to to get young peoples voices heard in Allerdale and Cumbria.


It has organised and ran two events to date; the first was an event that took place in an empty shop in Workington.[1] Its aim was to find out what young people though of their local area, as well as to recruit new members.[2]

The second was an event with an aim to set up discussions between young people and decision makers on key issues the youth council identified as important. It was held at the Lakes College on February 17th 2012.[3]


The youth council is supported by youth workers from the Brathay Trust[4] as well as Inspira Cumbria[5].


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