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Hi, I'm Joel. This is my first foray into Wikipedia. We'll see how it goes.

These are the only pages I've made significant contributions to:

Sixpence None the Richer - I wrote the basic outline for this page years ago.
Chinglish - I started following this page when I was working in China. I try to keep it from getting out of control. There are some disagreements about what kind of English is within the purview of this entry.
Songs from the Black Hole - The lost/unreleased Weezer album. I've tried to add sources and remove rumors.

I also keep an eye on these and occasionally make changes:

SIL International, a Christian linguistics organization. This entry tends to attract vocal critics and defenders of the organization.
Non-native pronunciations of English I was on a crusade to remove the phrase "imperfectly learning" from this entry, to no avail. Someday I'll come back.
Chinese Pidgin English - there's a lot of speculation here. I try to add sources or remove things

I hope to someday create a Ge Chuangui page.

preliminary work on Ge Chuangui page[edit]

Gĕ Chuánguī (simplified Chinese: 葛传椝; traditional Chinese: 葛傳椝; 1906-1992) was a pioneer of English education in China. He is best known for his work on the New Chinese-English Dictionary[1] and for coining the term "China English."[2]

Ge's correspondence with Fowler and some other anecdotes (chinese and english mixed)

Anecdote about Ge from the preface to one of the editions of the dictionary:

A short essay attributed to Ge:

Discussion about his books:

intro to a book:


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