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When I first used Wikipedia I quickly found that it was useful. Then I would notice mistakes or misinformation and worry that these would become accepted as true because of the popularity of Wikipedia, so I started making edits. I was particularly interested where there was doubt about the names of things, or equivalently doubt about the meanings of names. This led me to research best-first search, River Ouzel, Leighton Buzzard, the strange case of Billington, Bedfordshire, and topography/topographic map.

I created some articles that were "missing": Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, Thomas Jefferys and stubs for Eilert Ekwall and top-left lighting.

There are excellent articles for many Hamlets in Buckinghamshire, some of which are very small places. But many settlements in nearby Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire have no article at all. So I decided to make sure that there is an entry for every Royal Mail locality in the LU postcode area, even if it just redirects to an article on the appropriate parish with a mention of the locality in that article. Completing the parishes of Offley, King's Walden, Kimpton, Much Hadham (so that Perry Green can be disambiguated), and Little Gaddesden (so that mention of Witchcraft Bottom can be moved from Edlesborough) meant including some localities in the HP and SG postcode areas and the following places in the Hertfordshire County Council List of settlements (Excel spreadsheet; a map to show their locations would be useful):

Blackmore End, Dane Bridge Lane, Darleyhall, Green Tye, Hudnall, Kettle Green, Ley Green, Lye Hill, Mangrove Green, Perry Green, South-end, The Flints

Bedfordshire County Council has estimates of the 2006 population of parishes at Population Estimates and Forecasts.