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I'm currently self employed working freelance as an IT consultant, specialising in semantic & accessible website architecture. Served a contributor to the phpBB Project since October 2001 and promoted to Project Manager & Leader by January 2006. After nearly 6 years involvement with phpBB, I resigned from it as of late May 2007. I also support/advocate other Open source/Open content projects such as Gallery, WordPress, Wikipedia, Firefox, Mozilla and so on.

Born and spent my pre-teen years in British Hong Kong before repatriating to the United Kingdom in 1990, going through my teenage and early adulthood there. Returned to Hong Kong (now an SAR of the PRC) for the first time in 2005 and relocated back in Hong Kong as of late 2007. I'm now most active online over at Google+ and my personal website, "The LambCutlet Disorganisation" has been resurrected as of October 2013 after a 6-year long info-suicide a la Mark Pilgrim.