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Declaration of interest:
I have worked on a non profit basis for several projects in Bolivia, mostly centered on tourism as a means of generating work, helping conservation of nature and promoting intercultural exchange.
I believe strongly in the role open content websites can play in allowing poor countries to show off their tourist destinations. Of course, this should center mostly on tourist oriented platforms such as Wikitravel or World66, but if a certain community is known as a tourist destination, I believe that practical info should be made available (in the article, or at an external link). Just like a town where mining is important should link to a page about mining in this area.
Preference should be given to tourism portals, not so much as to sites from individual agencies or hotels.

I myself (voluntarily) manage following sites: : a portal about the Coroico area, which for unstated reasons has been labelled as SPAM on Wikipedia : the website from a hotel in Coroico : a biking agency in the same town

I use adresses, as these are free and amount to real DNS when combined properly with some free hosts. Contact me for details if you need help setting up a website but lack funding.

Until recently, I have been making small anonymous edits (mostly typos, correcting URLs). I'll do them properly from now on.

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