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Juho Risku[edit]

I was born in Oulu, Finland 1975, since then I've lived in Turku, Helsinki and for a shorter period in Moscow, Russia. In addition I have close connections to the Silicon Valley.

I got involved with the web around mid -90's when we integrated a traditional BBS system into the web. I believe it was one of the very first full BBS to web integrations. Since then I've been at the very front of networked technology and business innovation. I've founded three companies, involved in hundreds of projects, gathered millions of venture financing and helped numerous startup entrepreneurs.

Outside of the work my main activities relate to big mountain freeriding, ice climbing and mountaineering. I am also a friend of good literature, food and wine.


  • Serial entrepreneur, visionary business model expert, computer and web industry specialist with over two decades of relevant experience.
  • Gathered millions of venture financing, deep understanding of founder – venture financier co-operation from practical as well as academic perspectives
  • Over decade of experience of web technologies, DHTML / AJAX / rich internet applications technologies since 1996
  • Experienced project manager and leader, including both packaged product development projects and custom web development, design and consultancy assignments
  • Involved with hundreds of projects including many for companies such as Nokia (, TeliaSonera (, Pulmonary Association Heli (, University of Oulu ( and dozens of other organizations.
  • Languages: Finnish, English, Russian, Swedish


business model development, project management, general management, innovation, computer and web technologies, internet, rich internet applications, user interfaces, usability, user experience, web applications, cms, document management, ajax, ria, crowdsourcing, open source, agile development


Current positions[edit]

Past positions[edit]

Positions of trust[edit]

  • Steering committee member of Global Clusters program ( (2007-2008)
  • Steering Committee Member of Global Software program (2006-2007)
  • Steering Committee Member of University of Oulu / CreaM - Creative Business Management program (2005-2007)
  • Board member of Media Forum Oulu ( (2003-2006)
  • Chairman of Young Entrepreneurs of Oulu network (2002)


  • University of Oulu, faculty of economics, specialty: M.Sc. economics – leadership and organization – 2008-2011, Area of thesis: The co-operation of founder entrepreneur and VC from the performance perspective
  • University of Oulu, faculty of economics, specialty: B.Sc. economics – leadership and organization – 2008-2010
  • University of Oulu, department of process engineering, specialty: M.Sc. production engineering – on going since 1994

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