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User:G LeTourneau/userboxes/NRHP2

About me[edit]

I am a soldado in the Chicano Movement and bring La Causa to my Southern Utah community where the Chicano and other minorities are in dire needs of a voice to be offered for them, to voice their opinions and concerns. We have formed an autonomous chapter of the Southern Utah Brown Berets wishing to continue the legacy of the veteranos in the Chicano Movement of the 1960s, to our community of [Chicano] neighborhoods and dilapidated conditions in which our Raza must endure to live, and to work in solidarity with our minority brothers in sisters in our community to help improve their neighborhoods. Our Brown Beret chapter promotes Chicano Nationalism, self-determination for our people and our minority brothers and sisters.

Through community service volunteer projects, to help improve the dilapidated housing and conditions the minorities of Southern Utah must live in. We want to help improve these neighborhoods, from the dilapidated barrios in the inner city/central area, the dilapidated road conditions, and living conditions in the predominately Black and Polynesian ghettos on the Westside and Southside and in the Inner City/Central Area. The road conditions, the dilapidated houses, graffiti, gang involvement, drug dealing, homelessness in these 'hoods and barrios is being ignored by the leaders of our local, all-white, government and city council. We made it our mission to promote positive change in our communities by stepping up and taking action. We will do what it takes to improve the lifestyles in our barrios and hoods, and especially help our people fight the oppression they are faced with.


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