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This tool is currently in beta test. It may not work as intended and features are subject to change.
This is a mass rollback script that takes the last 50 (or your own value) rollbackable (is that even a word) of an user and reverts them. It is accessible via a portlet link on the contributions page of a user. Any questions should be directed to my talk. To use this script paste:

importScript('User:Kangaroopower/MRollback.js'); //Mass Rollback Script [[User:Kangaroopower/MRollback.js]]

in your skin's js file.

Why should I use it[edit]

  • It has an edit summary!
  • It doesn't require a new page load, it's AJAX!
  • Since it's done through the API you don't need to worry about edit conflicting!
  • It's foolproof. Since there's a prompt for the edit summary when you click the link, you can close the window if it's an admin's contribs ;)