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Themis Wicca Rock[edit]

Summer Solstice 2008-Themis-TC.jpg
Themis Drummer and band leader "The Countess"
Background information
OriginToronto, Ontario, CA
GenresWicca Rock
Alternative rock
Rock and Roll[1][2][3]
Years active2007-Present
LabelsThemis Music
MembersRuffian Angel
The Countess

Themis Music[edit]

Themis is a Canadian Wicca music project located in Toronto, Ontario, which voices and promotes spiritual messages of a non-Christian religion, Wicca, and promotes the earth-friendly Wicca faith doctrine.

On its entertainment value, Themis band has become increasingly in-demand [4] in Canada despite a narrow focus (Wicca Rock) opened the July 13, 2009 Firedance Drum Festival, an outdoor concert in Lindsay, Ontario; the August 1 Lughnasad Paganfest in Barrie, Ontario; and was featured in the Toronto Pretty Faces Rock Tour with Paris Black in Fall 2009 and Winter 2010.

Inspiring a new music genre and way of life[edit]

The music of Themis has been described[5] as a genre influenced by Wicca: Wicca Rock.

As Themis garnered interest so has Wicca. Among the fastest growing faith groups in North America [6] is the earth-friendly[7] Wicca faith [8] growing 100% every year and a half. Concomitantly it has been said that human activity is dramatically altering many biological processes and environmental systems. Strong scientific evidence also supports the contention that these alterations are destructive and global in scale. Governments and people of the world are increasingly concerned.[9]

"What does the study of world religions contribute to our understanding and stewardship of the environment? New movements in modern theological scholarship direct attention to the biological realm as well as the spiritual" [10]

The Themis Music project in Canada, comprising a number of elements including a musical group Themis, a recording studio, wilderness retreats [11] and a Teen 'Safe House' [12] has emerged in recent years alongside a surge in growth of Wicca[13], increasing interest in ecotheology[14], and the apparent failings of the Kyoto Protocol.

A strong thread in the artistic work of Themis is the Wiccan 'spirit of the earth'[15] and 'love of life'[16] [17] and nature. Lyrical references to the "Love of Life", the "Forest of Life", "the Honeyed Fountain", "hand in hand with the Lord and the Lady in the forest of life", "the gentle caress of a warm summer breeze" focus on the Wiccan belief[18] in nature's divinity.[19]

Music with a passionate spiritual message[edit]

Not worship as in the case of Christian music but earth-based spirituality, ecology and feminism are at the core of the Themis faith-oriented message. Themis songs are lyrical stories about life, nature, conservation and unfettered love. Unlike Christian music there is nothing in the message about devils or evil.

Accompanied by a lively musical stage act, Themis Wicca rock music attracts attention to the ecotheological Wicca theme while entertaining in rock style. The songs carry through and meld with one another as in a rock opera, promulgating their message: "The beauty of this day is not lost on me...On this wooden log in the Forest of Life, I carve my flute with my hands and my knife for the Love of Life" as in their hit 'Love of Life' [20].

Themis lyrics speak of "awe in watching the sunrise or sunset; the forest of life in the light of a glowing moon; a meadow enchanted by the first light of day; the morning dew on the petals of a beautiful flower; the gentle caress of a warm summer breeze upon one's skin; the warmth of the summer sun on one's face; the fall of colourful autumn leaves; and the softness of winter's snow. Themis lyrics describe cycles of nature as holy days: the earth a temple, its plants and creatures as partners and teachers advancing respect of life, cherishing the free will of sentient beings, and accepting the sacredness of all creation". [21]

Band members[edit]

Heading the project and led by a woman who calls herself "The Countess" [22]are a Canadian male-female duo who describe themselves as "Vegans[23]. Eclectic Wiccans. Musicians", in their bio at [1]. The two also operate a "Safe House" for endangered teens [24]


(Oct 25 2009) Your Angel


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